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Morning Civil Twilight

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released August 20, 2021
Kari Ehli - Vocals
Frank Lechtenberg - Guitars, Keyboards
Jim Bryan - Bass
Eric Letcha - Drums
Recorded in Germany, UK, USA and France

Music: Lechtenberg / Ehli / Bryan / Letcha
Lyrics: Ehli
Mix: Frank Lechtenberg
Mastering: Steve Kitch Mastering, UK

Produced by Frank Lechtenberg


His heart belongs to the ocean
His dreams belong to the sea
His skins been kissed by the warm sun
His lips have been kissed by me
Kissed by me

I swear I've seen him
I've seen him walk on water

He'll ride the waves to the shore
Then go back for one more
Just one more

She takes his pain and his sadness
Rocks him gently until there's none
This world and all its' madness
One wave can be undone
Cause every tear that he cries
Cause every tear that he cries
Is washed away in the tide
The wreckage and ruins of life
And now a safe place to hide
So his heart is full of joy
He's my surfer boy
Surfer boy